Media Investment Management That Generates Alpha Returns In Excess Of The Market.

The Buy Side is a high-powered media investment platform delivering predictive buying technology to maximize profit.

Access Modeling and Trading Strategies Utilized for Media Investments

How media is managed is very important. The Buy Side is an innovative managed services company for buying media. Higher returns from proven trading strategies and technologies.

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  • 99% Re-Investment Rates
  • Best In Class 2020
  • Innovative Technology

Technology Enabled Media Buying

Media personalization engineered for growth.

Data Driven

We're building a better model. Measuring the impact of all channels on your brand's performance.

Growth Focused

We identify the metrics that deliver the largest impact, short and long term, and optimize in real-time to drive the highest returns and brand growth.

Our Awesome Core Features

There are countless reasons why our service is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different.

The Best Way to Buy Media

The Buy Side brings the precision of people-based targeting into digital ad delivery and programmatic buying while ensuring a brand safe and viewable environment.

Key Features of The Buy Side

With The Buy Side media execution platform and cross-device DSP, we bring the precision of deterministic data coupled with financial modeling tools designed for trading stocks and customized for trading media.

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